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Virginia’ s path is a photographic series inspired by Virginia Woolf’s diaries written while she was living in Monk’s house, her country house in Rodmell (England) in the later period of her life. During this period, she was suffering with depression (Woolf drowned herself in the river near her house in 1941) and anxieties instilled by the war. It was also the time during the second world war where the possibility of a German invasion was becoming more realistic: Monk’s House is located only three miles away from Newhaven Harbour where the Germans were expected to land. The river and the train line near by were bombed several times and defensive structures such as pillboxes were built in close proximity to Woolf’s house. Virginia Woolf took long walks each afternoon across the fields and brooks and she often described this landscape as a source of calm and beauty even during the escalation of the conflict when Monk’s House became a shelter and prison at the same time.

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